A Quick Guide to Using QuickBooks

Finances are a vital part of every business and you must manage theme properly and regularly. Doing so will make sure that your company is on the right track and you are not overspending or under spending in any areas.


Though this is a difficult task, accounting software programs make it easy. The most popular of these is QuickBooks, which provides you with a very comprehensive platform that allows you to create books for your business, keep the records organized and assess the financial situation of your company.

QuickBooks is available both as a Desktop and Online version. You can choose either of these depending on your financial strategy, business structure and available budget.

What are QuickBooks features?

  • Create your invoice and keep a track of your sales
  • Monitor your expenses regularly
  • Assess the financial condition of your business and accordingly devise a plan for the next phase
  • Mange your payroll tasks
  • Control your inventory and get a notification when levels reduce
  • Plan out your budget
  • Prepare financial reports for  a deeper inside into your business
  • Caters to multiple accounts and provides you with details on all your transactions
  • Determine which customers have paid you and which have yet to submit their bills

Why should you use QuickBooks?

There are so many reasons as to why you should use QuickBooks.  It may be because you want to mange your payroll or maybe because you want to handle your invoices. The software has not just one, but many powerful uses. Let us investigate these in detail.

  • QuickBooks simplifies so many of your tasks and allows you to save a considerable amount of time. It can handle the tasks simultaneously which makes it easier for you to use the program.
  • QuickBooks allows you to share data with other programs such as ACT, Outlook and Excel. You can easily import and export files from one program to another. This prevents you from manually inputting the same information every time.
  • You can use QuickBooks to sort out your revenues and expenses. Using this information, it can prepare a complete cash flow for you, making it easier for you to gauge the financial situation of your company.
  • QuickBooks gathers all your data and financial information in one place, which makes it easier to manage all the data.

Using QuickBooks can help you cut down your accounting costs by eliminating the need of an accountant.

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