Using Quickbooks Academy Launches Modular Based QuickBooks Tutorial Courses

Using QuickBooks Academy announced that subscribers can now learn only courses they need at their own pace and convenience.  For example an attorney does not need to learn about inventory, he can now choose courses that pertain to his or her profession. Thanks to their new training programs

4th October 2013 – Using QuickBooks Academy, reputable e-learning institute, launched new modular QuickBooks tutorial programs. This is the first time ever QuickBooks is been thought in modules. The advantage of this is that learning QuickBooks is now like a la carte – learn only what you need and do not bother learning what you do not need. The goal of Using QuickBooks Academy is to put the power of choice in the hands of the subscriber. For example a construction business owner using QuickBooks as his accounting system does not need to learn anything about inventory or sales. He can just learning from tutorials that pertain to his profession, Entrepreneur Bundle, Estimates and Billable Hours tutorials.

We believe this approach would make QuickBooks hands on courses better targeted to the subscriber. The courses have also been designed to make learning and understanding easier. Below are the modules of QuickBooks tutorials that were launched:

QuickBooks Tutorial – BundleCourses-Training-BundleThe secret of using QuickBooks to make better smart decisions and then increse your profits is explained in these carefully chosen seven hands-on learning experience courses.

Courses-InventoryQuickBooks Tutorial – InventoryThis course is for individuals who are already using QuickBooks for their inventory management but want to take their knowledge to the next level. 

Courses-PayrollQuickBooks Tutorial – PayrollSpecially designed for those that want to use QuickBooks to do their payroll. This module is for individuals who want to learn how to use QuickBooks Payroll.

QuickBooks Tutorial – SalesCourses-SalesThis modules teaches how to use QuickBooks record customer information, create invoices and record sales using different type of sales forms.

QuickBooks Tutorial – Sales TaxCourses-Sales-TaxThis module is for individuals that want to use QuickBooks to monitor Sales Tax collection and liability activities.

QuickBooks Tutorial – Forms:Courses-Forms This module is intended for those that want to learn how to customize the standard QuickBooks input forms and layouts to their desired output.

QuickBooks Tutorial – EstimatesCourses-EstimatesThis course is for those who want to learn how use QuickBooks to generate and monitor estimates as well as progress invoicing. 

QuickBooks Tutorial – TimeCourses-TimesheetDo you have to bill your customers for time spent doing their job? Do you want to know how to use QuickBooks to track time and mileage? Then this course is for you. 

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About Using Quickbooks Academy

Learning QuickBooks using the tutorials from Using QuickBooks Academy would empower business managers with accounting knowledge they need to make sound and effective business decisions.

We believe that if you want to succeed in business, you need to know at the very least basic accounting and financial management.

No matter how skilled you are at creating a product, providing a service, or marketing your wares, the money you earn will slip between your fingers if you don’t know how to efficiently collect it, keep track of it, save it and spend or invest it wisely.