QuickBooks Self-Employed Tutorial

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QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting Tutorial Package For The Self-Employed

This package was specially put together for freelancers and those who are self-employed that want to:

  • Know their business numbers by using QuickBooks to set up their business accounting system,
  • Understand their numbers better by reviewing the reports generated from the QuickBooks accounting system, and finally
  • Use the numbers generated to make better and well informed decisions for the business.

This QuickBooks Self-Employed Tutorial package is a collection of the following six Using QuickBooks Academy courses:

  • Using QuickBooks For Business Accounting
  • Customer Management Using QuickBooks
  • Time Management Using QuickBooks
  • Using QuickBooks For Estimating and Progress Invoicing
  • Doing Payroll With QuickBooks
  • Customizing QuickBooks Forms and Letters With Your Business Information & Logo

Pricing is for 12 months access to all five Using QuickBooks Academy courses and immediate access to all Starter Pack downloads. You will also have access to all future updates, upgrades and additional downloads produced within your 12 month access period.

These courses will teach you how to use QuickBooks for all your accounting needs as well as how to customize your forms such as invoices and receipts in QuickBooks. The downloads and other materials that come with the package can also be used for reference purposes.

This package also comes with a QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Starter Pack downloads which are a collection of additional free downloads to the courses handout and hands on practice files. They provide you with the tools you need to immediately set up an accounting system for your business.

The QuickBooks Desktop Self-Employed Tutorial Starter Pack download includes:

  • Sample Business Chart of Accounts
  • Sample Desktop QuickBooks Company File With Chart of Accounts
  • Mileage Monitoring Spreadsheet
  • Home Office Deduction Calculator Spreadsheet
  • QuickBooks Desktop User Manual

The QuickBooks Online Self-Employed Tutorial Starter Pack download includes:

  • Getting Started With QuickBooks Online
  • Navigating Through QuickBooks Online
  • Recording Transactions In QuickBooks Online
  • Reporting In QuickBooks Online
  • Expanding Usability In QuickBooks Online
  • Sample QuickBooks Online Company File With Chart Of Accounts

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QuickBooks Self-Employed Tutorial


Product Description

QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting Tutorial Package For Self-Employed Businesses

This QuickBooks Self-Employed Tutorial package was put together using video tutorials, practice handouts and sample QuickBooks company file for hand-on practice as well as all the materials and resources you will need to learn.

If you need to setup a good accounting system for your business then you have come to the right place. The training will teach you how to setup and strong internal controls to monitor both revenues and expenses. You will have a better understanding of accounting processes which will in turn make you understand the numbers of your business better.

An effective accounting system contributes a lot in the success  of a business and QuickBooks is one of the best software that will help you in your daily accounting needs. With our easy to understand and simplified process, you will be able to automate more tasks, become more efficient so that you can spend more time doing what you do best – managing your business !

“Do you know your numbers? Knowing your numbers starts with knowing and understanding how the numbers are generated”.


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