QuickBooks Real Estate Tutorial

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QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting Tutorial Package For Real Estate Agents

This package was specially put together for real estate agents and brokers that want to:

  • Know their real estate business numbers by using QuickBooks to set up their accounting system,
  • Understand their numbers better by reviewing the reports generated from the QuickBooks accounting system, and finally
  • Use the numbers generated to make better and well informed decisions for their real estate business.

This QuickBooks Real Estate Tutorial package was also setup for Real Estate Agents that want to develop an accounting system to better manage their clients and business. You will learn ways to dramatically reduce the time you spend on bookkeeping and how to use accounting methods that will take all the mystery out of QuickBooks.

This QuickBooks Real Estate Tutorial package is a collection of the following five Using QuickBooks Academy courses:

  • Using QuickBooks For Real Estate Business,
  • Mileage And Timesheet Management Using QuickBooks,
  • Client Management Using QuickBooks,
  • Customizing QuickBooks Forms and Letters With Your Business Information And Logo, and
  • Using QuickBooks For Doing Payroll.

Pricing is for 12 months access to all five Using QuickBooks Academy courses and immediate access to all Starter Pack downloads. You will also have access to all future updates, upgrades and additional downloads produced within your 12 month access period.

This package also comes with a QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Starter Pack downloads which are a collection of additional free downloads to the courses handout and hands on practice files. They provide you with the tools you need to immediately set up an accounting system for your real estate agent business.

The QuickBooks Desktop Real Estate Tutorial Starter Pack download includes:

  • Home Office Deduction Calculator Spreadsheet
  • Mileage Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Sample Chart Of Accounts
  • Sample QuickBooks Desktop Real Estate Agent Company File With Chart Of Accounts
  • QuickBooks Desktop User Manual

The QuickBooks Online Real Estate Tutorial Starter Pack download includes:

  • Getting Started With QuickBooks Online
  • Navigating Through QuickBooks Online
  • Recording Transactions In QuickBooks Online
  • Reporting In QuickBooks Online
  • Expanding Usability In QuickBooks Online
  • Sample QuickBooks Online Real Estate Agent Company File With Chart Of Accounts

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QuickBooks Tutorial For Real Estate Agents


Product Description

QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting Tutorial Package For Real Estate Agents

This QuickBooks Real Estate Tutorial package was put together in such a way that you do not need guidance from an instructor other than providing you with video tutorials, materials and resources you need to learn.

If you are a real estate agent and you are self employed, you know that the success of your business is going to be based on careful planning and budgeting.

If you need to setup a good accounting system for you real estate business that will include strong internal controls to monitor both revenues and expenses, you have come to the right place! Knowing your personal and business expenses, as well as planning your marketing activities to produce your desired income is an extremely important activity you have to do. As in any other type of business, one of the tenets of success is in understanding basic financial reporting like income statements or balance sheets. Monitoring and understanding your business’s finances will not, by itself, guarantee success, but not understanding key financial information is a prelude to failure.

This QuickBooks Real Estate Tutorial package is what you need as a real estate agent to walk you through the fundamental books and records that you should maintain in your real estate business to give you a basic understanding of what is required of you and also for IRS audit freedom. As a real estate agent, your goal would be timely recording of financial transactions which will result in fewer errors. You will also want the  ability to receive more current and accurate reporting on the state of your business.

Currently you might be using manual and/or excel spreadsheets to track your income and expenses. Our goal is to provide you with knowledge necessary to setup and use a financial system that will provide you with an insight into the operation of your business. And by so doing, it will allow you to concentrate on making the business decisions necessary to reach your goals and objectives.

“Do you know your numbers? Knowing your numbers starts with knowing and understanding how the numbers are generated”.


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