QuickBooks Church Tutorial

QuickBooks Tutorial Courses For Churches And Other Religious Organizations

Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Church Tutorialquickbooks-church-tutorial was specially designed for church and religious organization managers and administrators that want to use QuickBooks to set up an accounting system for a church or religious organization. The package comes with video tutorials, materials and resources you need to implement an accounting system for a church or religious organization.

If you need to setup a good accounting system for your religious organization that will include strong internal controls to monitor both receipts and disbursements, you have come to the right place! If you are on the board of a religious organization and you want to know contributions from members, analyze parishioner giving and control expenditures then this package is for you.

Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Church Tutorial is what you need to walk you through the fundamental process of setting up and maintaining a streamlined accounting process for your religious organization. Because religious organizations are non-profit organizations, they are required to keep their accounting records using a modified form of fund accounting. That is, each significant donation (funds given for particular purposes) should be tracked separately. This tutorial teaches you how to use QuickBooks to setup an accounting system that monitors fund accounting.

Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Church Tutorial package is a collection of Using QuickBooks Academy courses that teaches you how to use QuickBooks for

  • Handling fund accounting, tracking grants and other programs,
  • Recording donations and contributions,
  • Paying bills and writing checks,
  • Record bank deposits, separating credit cards and check/cash transactions
  • Manage membership and membership contributions, and
  • Create several reports that will help you track and analyze your religious organization finances.

The package also comes with a Starter Pack which is a collection of additional free downloads that provide you with the tools you need to immediately set up an church accounting system. Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Church Tutorial Starter Pack download includes:

  • Church Month End Accounting Checklist which you can use to make sure you do all required activities at month end
  • Sample Church Chart of Accounts which you can amend to suit your organization
  • Blank QuickBooks Company File with Chart Of Accounts that can be used to setup your church or religious organization with QuickBooks,
  • QuickBooks User Manual – an eight hundred page ebook that shows you how to use QuickBooks to manage your accounting setup.

“Do you know your church numbers? Knowing your church numbers starts with knowing and understanding how the numbers are generated”.

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