QuickBooks Law Firm Tutorial

QuickBooks Tutorial Courses for Law Firms

quickbooks-tutorial-law-firmQuickBooks Law Firm Tutorial help you to setup a good accounting system for your law firm that will include strong internal controls to monitor both revenues and expenses. If you are a practicing attorney with your own office, you will have to understand what books and records that you should keep on file. You may be an expert in the practice of the law, but you may not feel as confident in your accounting knowledge.

An effective accounting system contributes a lot in the success of a Law Firm and QuickBooks is one of the best software that will help you in your daily accounting needs. With our easy to understand and simplified process, you will be able to setup a good accounting system for your law firm that will include strong internal controls to monitor both revenues and expenses.

Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Law Firm Tutorial is what you need to walk you through the fundamental books and records that you should maintain in your legal practice to give you a basic understanding of what is required of you to maintain your accounts and also for IRS audit freedom. As an attorney, you will want to ensure that your accounting system has strong internal controls recording accurately both fees billed including costs and expenses advanced for clients.

Regardless of whether bills are based on a specific retainer, annual retainer, contingent fee, or referral fee, your fee is based on time spent on your clients’ projects and you maintain detailed records to track the time spent on cases.

Currently you might be using manual and/or excel spreadsheets to track your time and chargeable expenses. Client ledger cards either stored manually or electronically and are used to record and track your time spent on client matters, along with any chargeable expenses like filing fees by client. By setting up QuickBooks efficiently, you will be able to save time and money.

Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Law Firm Tutorial package is a collection of Using QuickBooks Academy courses that teaches you how to use QuickBooks for:

  • Setting Up Timesheet
  • Doing Payroll
  • Create reports that will help you monitor and analyze your finances accurately

Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Law Firm Tutorial package also comes with a Starter Pack which is a collection of additional free downloads that provide you with the tools you need to immediately set up a law firm accounting system.

The QuickBooks Desktop Law Firm Tutorial Starter Pack download includes:

  • Law Firm Monthly Expenses Management Spreadsheet
  • Law Firm Mileage Monitoring Spreadsheet
  • Law Firm Time Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Sample Law Firm Chart of Accounts
  • Sample Law Firm QuickBooks Company File For Immediate Implementation

There are many accounting software out there that would solve the issues mentioned above. They range from simple to robust, from inexpensive to extremely expensive. We however are recommending QuickBooks accounting software by Intuit. Benefits of using QuickBooks include:

  • it is inexpensive
  • it is user friendly
  • it is easily customizable
  • it is compatibility with excel and acrobat reader, and
  • it excellent to use and organize all your transactions in one place.

Get organised and do it the easy way !

“Do you know your firm’s numbers? Knowing your firm’s numbers starts with knowing and understanding how the numbers are generated”.

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