QuickBooks Medical Services Tutorial

QuickBooks Tutorial Courses for Medical Services Business

UQA-MedicalQuickBooks Medical Services Tutorial
 help you to learn how to manage your medical services business finances better. This QuickBooks Medical Tutorial package was put together for doctors, dentist and other medical practitioners that run a medical office. It includes video tutorials, hands-on practice materials and other resources that will help you learn and setup an accounting system for your medical practice. To achieve these results, Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Medical Services Tutorial is for you !

With a free customized chart of accounts for medical services, the QuickBooks Medical Services Tutorial package is what you need to manage and monitor your medical practice finances more efficiently. You will be able to set up a reliable accounting system that will monitor expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance and also have strong internal controls to record day-to-day activities, keep track of client accounts, record bank deposits and generate several accounting reports. You will learn how to use QuickBooks to manage client information and accounts and at the end of every month, you will be able to generate reports that will show you the business numbers of your medical practice which you can use informed decisions about your practice.

We understand that an effective accounting system contributes a lot to the success of a business and QuickBooks is the best software that will help you set up an accounting system that will meet your daily accounting needs. With our easy to understand and simplified package, your medical practice accounting system will be up and running in no time.

Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Medical Services Tutorial package is a collection of Using QuickBooks Academy courses that teaches you how to use QuickBooks for

  • Using QuickBooks For Medical Office Accounting
  • Managing Client Accounts Using QuickBooks
  • Doing Payroll With QuickBooks
  • Managing Inventory Using QuickBooks
  • Customizing QuickBooks Forms and Letters Using Your Medical Business Information & Logo

The package also comes with a Starter Pack which is a collection of additional free downloads that provide you with the tools you need to immediately set up your business accounting system. Using QuickBooks Academy’s QuickBooks Medical Services Tutorial Starter Pack download includes:

  • Deposit Monitoring Spreadsheet
  • Mileage Monitoring Spreadsheet
  • Home Office Deduction Calculator Spreadsheet
  • QuickBooks Desktop User Manual
  • Sample Medical Office Chart of Accounts
  • Sample Desktop QuickBooks Medical Office Company File With Chart Of Accounts

“Do you know your numbers? Knowing your numbers starts with knowing and understanding how the numbers are generated”.

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