QuickBooks Tips for Boosting Your Proficiency

QuickBooks is an accounting program that is used by over 5 million companies, which makes it the most popular and widely used accounting software. This is because QuickBooks offers many incredible features that simplify accounting and finances. However, since these features are so many, not everyone is able to utilize them to the utmost. Here are some guidelines that can help you with this, but please note that they are meant for a basic idea only. If you want a more thorough understanding, you should sign up for a QuickBooks learning program.

Transactions Memorization

There are some transactions that are the same and occur repeatedly. QuickBooks caters to this and memorizes these transactions to simplify finances for you. As an example, suppose that your company is paying the same rental amount on a monthly basis or charges regular customers for the provided services every month. QuickBooks can learn these transactions and will input them automatically at a predefined schedule. You can enter this schedule and modify it as well if any need arises later on.

The shortcut ctrl + M lets you access this tool. Please not that if you want to print or send a check of this transaction, you will have to do it from the File menu.

Multiple Report Processing

Reports are essential for managing the finances of businesses, but many a times, you may fail to create and distribute them, not to mention the time this will take. QuickBooks multiple reports processing option can help you with this; you can access this tool from the Report menu. Group together all of the reports; you will then be able to distribute them and print them as well. Including the recipient’s name in the title will make this easier.

The above mentioned guidelines cover only limited information. If you want to become a QuickBooks expert, you should sign up for any suitable course that is offered on this website. Doing so will provide you with all the guidance you need to know to master QuickBooks.